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Saturday, 24 January 2004

so janterm is almost over, I am in the chinese class, I figure its not that bad, and Im probably making an A, maybe, if she likes that paper that I havent written yet... yeesh... yeah, that'll be fun, ill probably write it sometime today or something.

well, so David Baker (my mentor) finally got back to me about my recommendation... 2 days before it was due that is!!! so I had to go and express mail it so that it would get there by the deadline of the 26th! Baker owes me $13.65, thats all Im gonna say about that! lets see... what else is going on... well, lots of people arent here this weekend, which means i have nothing to do. My janterm is over monday, because my teacher has to fly back to China on tuesday morning, it will be sad, but all I have to do from now till then is write that paper, figure out how to say "my phone number is... blah blah blah" in chinese, and read a poem in chinese with perfect accent! cant be that bad!... Ill miss having only one class that is semi easy...

which brings me to next semester! yes... next semester is going to kill me, which is partly why I decided to start this blog, because people won't be seeing me, therefore, they wont have their update of my life!!! which is a very important thing to have I must add =P.

so yeah, next semester my schedule is as follows

9-10 Chemistry 16
10-11 Math 52 (Diff Eq)
1:30-3 Optics
3:4:20 Classical mechanics (same room as optics)

T and TH afternoon labs, in optics and chemistry, forgot which is on which day... maybe I should figure that out.... hmmm....

well, I think that does it for updates at the moment, Im not sure I like tripod, I might switch to a Xanga... maybe that will be more interesting!

Posted by hambazaza at 7:35 PM EET
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intense boredom!
ok... so Ive been thinking about starting a blog for a while now. Im not sure why. possibly because Ive missed my subprofile, and figure that i am always entertained when I read people's websites, but Im not really in the mood to create an actual website, so I figured I should start a blog, and maybe later upgrade to a website.

mostly though, this wont be a place for me to bitch and rant about stuff thats going on in my life. I will try to have stuff like quotes and links in here every once in a while, but mainly its a way for those of you who dont get to see me often to stay updated on my life. yes. I am that vain, and yes, I believe that everybody needs their dose of Hesham every once in a while! get your now! actually, Im just kidding.

anyway, Ill try to update it fairly frequently, this is a "web log" and the reason I started it is because i am really bored, and have nothing better to do. so just check back often, and maybe there will be another update soon!

Posted by hambazaza at 12:19 AM EET
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